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It's probably too late now but you could have tested this by adding a new user to Exchange 2010 to see what mail server it retrieved for the user. My guess is that it pulled the CAS array fqdm.

In Exchange 2010 environments, the BES will point to the CAS array to access mailboxes. After moving a mailbox to Exchange 2010, ScanGAL should see the move within 12 minutes and start pulling from the new location.

In Exchange 2010 environments, the GC the BES uses is the CAS array fqdm. If the LB is pointing to a CAS in the array that is having issues, you can use the host file to point this to another CAS. I don't recommend pointing to a specific CAS.

You may want to consider changing the messaging agent algorithm if you only have one CAS host name in your Exchange 2010 environment. The default Complex algorithm used by the messaging agent doesn't efficiently use all available resources. You should change to the Simple algorithm via a registry key.
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